About Us

NICI was born in 1986 in Germany and represents an unparalleled success story! It all started in a family business: its founders created the first plush characters and the quality and loving style stood out, driving the birth of a global brand.

At NICI Portugal we value well-being and enthusiasm, we work together to bring smiles, and celebrate life's little pleasures through our characters and the brand's imagery.

Currently, we have a huge range of exclusive Collections of Soft Toys, Baby Toys and Accessories, Premium Stationery, Mugs, Slippers, Blankets, Pillows, Lunch Boxes, Bags, Backpacks, Wallets and more!

We are recognized for quality, for using the best materials available on the market and for the smooth and unique feel of our products! The creativity and passion applied to the various characters developed, greatly contributes to the growth of the brand and fans around the world.

NICI Just Love!

NICI and its staff… creativity, permanent motivation, the joy of creating a world of dreams, in which millions of consumers see themselves!